Bar / Bat Mitzvah Party & Entertainment Services

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Candy Sculpture Artists
Money Booth
Candy Artist
Glass Artist
Jewelry Artist
Dough Artist
Rice Artist
Name Painter
Airbrush Tattoos
Henna Tattoos
Gold Foil Artist
Celebrity Photos
Leather Book Markers
Airbrush on shirts
Money Booth
Palmist, Card Reader
Handwriting Analyst
Video games and pinball
Time Chronicle Robot
Dog Tags and Hearts
Karaoke Singing
DJ with Music
Wax Hand Mold
Basketball Hoops Game
Silhouette Artist
Chocolate Lollipop/CD's
Black Felt Artist
Caricaturists Candy Sculpture Artists
Caricaturist artist sketches comic portrait of Bar/Bat Mitzvah party guest either on paper, frames or tee shirts or boxer shorts. Candy Sculpture Artist quickly creates beautiful rice animal candy. Party guests step into Money Booth / cash cube and grab as much money as they can before the time is up as cash is blown about the booth. A Bar/Bat Mitzvah favorite!
Chinese Dough Doll Sculptures
Personalized Name Painting
Dog Tags
Personalized Name Painting
Chinese dough sculpturing is a 2000 year old profession that captures the attention of the audience while providing a unique souvenir of the occasion. With flour, water, coloring and sculpture tools, the artist, David Lee, creates animals, traditional Chinese modern cartoon characters and other delightful miniatures from 4" to 5" in size. Artist uses a leather brush creating birds, flowers etc. forming a person's name. Dog tags with party guests name is engraved on the selection of shape and color. chain included
Henna Tattoo
Airbrush Name & Design
Wax Hand Mold
Henna Tattoo
Airbrush Name
Wax Hand Mold
Henna tattoo is applied by a highly trained artisan with a large selection of designs to choose from. Airbrush party guests name & designs on tee shirts, boxer shorts, towels, pillow cases or canvas bags. Duplicate the hand with wax hand mold. Fun and exciting for party guests to participate.

Computer Name Interpretation Silhouette Artists Wheel of Fortune
Computer with thousands of names types out the meaning and the character traits of the guest's name, on a special 8.5" x 11" colorful scene background. It's then mounted on a 11" x 14" black cardboard. Can produce 20 to 25 per hour.
Silhouette Artists

A profile silhouette cut-out of Bar/Bat Mitzvah party guest.
Wheel of Fortune

Each Bar/Bat Mitzvah party guest spins the wheel of fortune to win a prize.
Celebrity Photos Origami (Paper Artists) Glass Sculpture Artists
Celebrity Photos

Polaroid picture taken of Bar/Bat Mitzvah party guest next to a life-size photo of a celebrity and placed in a matted frame.
Origami (Paper Artists)

Origami paper artists folds paper into various forms. Can even fold dollar bills into animals.
Glass Sculpture Artists

Glass sculpture artist makes glass animals.
Video Games and Pinball machines

Music from the 40's thru current. Two thousand jukebox selections set on free-play. Volume control.
Video Games and Pinball machines

A wide variety of video games and pinball machines to choose from and set on free-play.

Balloon Animals
Face painting
Balloon animals
Face Painting
Balloon sculpture artist creates balloon animals, swords, hats etc that delight children and adults alike. Face Painting Artisan applies designs to children and adults. Non-toxic paint used.

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