Whether you have 50 or 5000 kids or adults at your picnic or outdoor party, we can provide as many services needed tailor-made for your gathering! From lawn contests and mechanical ride rentals that will keep the kids busy and having fun. In addition to kids party rental and entertainment we also cater full meals, (see our menu suggestions) call us for a suggested plan and cost. We will travel to your party site anywhere in the Los Angeles area!

Custom picnic menus

Party Mechanical Rides
Bomber Ride
Ferris Wheel
Bomber Ride
Ferris Wheel

Bomber Ride will accommodate eight children. Kids party equipment rental includes an attendant for five hours.

Ferris Wheel accommodates 12 to 15 children. Kids party equipment rental includes an attendant for five hours.

An 8 horse Merry-go-round ride with carnival horses, ideal for smaller children. Kids party equipment rental includes an attendant for five hours.

Dunk Tank
Carnival Game Booths
Swing Chair
Dunk Tank
Carnival Game Booth
Swing Chair ride

Choice of metal or plexiglas front (can see person in water) on Dunk Tank. Includes delivery, set-up and the balls. (You provide hose,water and dunkees)

Carnival Game Booths includes 10' x 10' red and white striped game booth with a carnival game. (milk bottle toss, ring toss, milk can toss, bean bag toss, tip the cat, balloons and darts, ball roll down). Carnival Optional prizes and attendant.

Swing chair ride accommodates 10 children. Kids party equipment rental includes an attendant for five hours.

Party Entertainers and Attractions
Bingo Games Lawn Contests Clowns and Stiltwalkers
Bingo Games
Lawn Contests and games
Clowns and Stiltwalkers

Bingo Games for adults and children include Bingo equipment, cards and caller. Prizes are optional.

Lawn games and contests up to one hour, includes 18 games for children and adults and all equipment. Prizes for each age group and consolation prizes for each child participating. Conducted by a Recreation Director.

Clowns entertain with balloon animals, magic tricks, face painting and games. Stiltwalkers meet and greet, juggle and interact with the party guests.

Moon Bounce Hula Dancers Food Carts
Moon Bounce
Hula Dancers
Food Carts

Moonbounce rental includes delivery, set-up, use, take-down, return of inflatable moon bounce. Attendant is optional

Hula Dancers perform with a show and audience participation.

Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Sno Cone, Ice Cream, Hot Dog, Churro, Pretzel, Peanut, Nacho and many more food carts available.

Rock Climb Pony/Horse Ride Petting Zoo
Rock Climb
Pony Ride
Petting Zoo

Inflatable rock climb mountain rental. Party equipment rental includes delivery, set-up, use, take-down, return. Attendant is optional

Six ponies/horses on a reel or hand-led individually for children to ride. Pony ride hiring includes a horse wrangler.

Petting zoo enclosure provides for an assortment of animals - goats, bunnies, piglets etc.. to be fed and petted. Animal wrangler and animals are provided.

Lucite Raffle Drum Brass Raffle Drum Cake to Jump out of

Lucite Raffle Drum spins 10,000 tickets.

Dimensions: 15x15x21"

Brass Raffle Drum is a smaller version than the Lucite Raffle Drum and spins 1,000 tickets.

Dimensions: 9x12x10"

One of the only places in the Los Angeles area that rents a cake to jump out of!

Party Menu Suggestions
All food is served by our experienced and courteous staff.

Topped with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions, relish, mustard and ketchup.


Kosher Beef Hot Dogs with a variety of toppings including ketchup, mustard, onions, relish, chili, cheese and sauerkraut.

Hot Dog

Chicken Breast Sandwiches
With lettuce, mayonnaise, honey mustard, tomatoes and onions.

Carne Asada & Chicken Tacos
Marinated in cilantro, lemon, herbs and onions, tacos are served on flour or corn tortillas with sour cream, salsa and cheese.

Crne Asada and Chicken Tacos

From the Salad Bar
Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Pasta Salad, Chefs Salad, Macaroni Cheese, Roasted Vegetables

Dessert Menu

Ice Cream Sundaes
with ten toppings including M&M's, chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate and caramel sauce, marshmallow and many more of your favorites Ice Cream Sundae

Hand Dipped Ice Cream
Vanilla squares on a stick are dipped into our delicious milk chocolate and then into toppings of your choice. All ice cream is dipped to order in front of your guests.

Ice Cream Novelties
Choose from Eskimo Pies, Drumsticks, Fruit Bars, chocolate covered vanilla bars and many more. Your guests get to choose what they want.

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