Entertainers for Children and Adults

All of our featured artists are professional entertainers. We have a wide range of entertainers and performers that cater to the young and young at heart. We have entertainers suitable for children birthday parties, bar / bat mitzvahs, sweet sixteens and anniversaries parties. Entertainers include magiciansfacepainters and pony rides as well as those that will appeal to the older crowd. We provide over one hundred different types of party entertainment throughout Los Angeles Area.

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Have fun while a talented cartoonist and caricaturist sketches your party guests in humorous poses and situations. Your guests will have a great time participating and they will receive a memorable comic portrait to hang in their homes!
Money Booth

Guests step into Money Booth / cash cube and grab as much money as they can before the time is up as cash is blown though the booth .
Snake Dancer

Snake Dancer

Snake Dancing! Charm your party guests with our alluring and exotic Snake Charmer who will mystify and entrance everyone.
Hand Wax Molding

Hand Wax Molding

With Hand Wax Molding guests dip one hand into a bucket of cold water, then into a container of wax, dipping twelve times. The wax hardens and the hand is placed into cold water. The mold is then removed from the hand duplicating the pose of the hand.
Candy Sculpture Artist
Candy Sculpture Artist The candy sculpture artist can create over 200 animal sculptures from rice candy in front of your eyes. These sculptures are so beautiful it's almost a shame to eat them. Your party guests will be fascinated by this unique art to take home.
Organ Grinder and Monkey  
Organ Grinder and Monkey Organ grinder and monkey are ideal to greet guests and pose for pictures. People love monkeys! Great at carnival style events and children's parties too.
Entertainers and artists
  Face Painters
  Henna Tattoo Artists
  Airbrush Tattoo
  Palm Readers
  Puppet Shows
  Card Readers
  Fortune Tellers
  One Man Band
  Sword Swallower
  Snake Charmers
  Belly Dancers
  Tipsy Bartenders
  Organ Grinder & Monkey
  Glass Sculpturers
  Candy Sculpturers
  Rice Artists
  Hula Dancers
  Fire Eaters
  Santa Claus
  Christmas Carolers
  Fighting Couples

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Henna Tattoo Stiltwalker Fire Eater and Sword Swallower
Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo is applied by a highly trained henna artisan with a large selection of designs to choose from.


Stiltwalker is ideal entertainer to greet and mingle with the party guests while juggling or rope twirling.

Fire eater and sword swallower. An incredible entertainer who eats fire, swallows a sword, lies on a bed of nails and drives a nail up his nose! How does he do it? Who knows? He will captivate your imagination!
Glass Sculpture Artist Time Chronicle Robot

Glass sculpture artist creates Beautiful figurines are hand sculpted from glass while you watch. Party guests receive animal sculptures that are so beautiful, you can display them anywhere in your home.
Time Chronicle Robot prints out various historical items that occurred on the party guest's birthday.


Additional Children's Entertainers
Face Painters Hula Dancers Balloon Animals
Face Painters
Hula Dancers
Balloon Animals

Face Painter artist applies designs to children and adults with non-toxic paint.

Hula Dancers perform with a show and involve audience participation.

Balloon sculpture artist creates animals, swords, hats etc that delight children and adults alike.

Magician Name Painting Walking Puppet Show
Name Painting
Walking Puppet Show

Magician performs magic tricks with or without animals. Great entertainment for children.

Name painting artist uses a leather brush creating birds, flowers etc. forming a person's name.

Walking puppet show entertains everyone with his impromptu verbal exchange of humor.

Silhouette Artists   Pony Ride Petting Zoo
Silhouette Artists 
Pony Ride
Petting Zoo

Silhouette artist creates a profile cut-out of guest.

Well groomed, tame ponies for children to ride. Attendant for each pony. Ride ponies individually or on a reel.

Attendant and enclosure provided for an assortment of animals to be fed and petted in our petting zoos.

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