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If you're planning party entertainment for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for children, our unique artists, supplies and entertainment services can help ensure that your party is a huge success.

Caricature Artists Sketches on paper, frames or tee shirts.
Candy Artist Makes rice candy animals.
Glass Artist Creates glass animals and pendants.
Jewelry Artist Artist makes jewelry with party guests name in the item.
Dough Artist Creates animals and figures out of dough.
Rice Artist Name printed on a grain of rice and placed in an object.
Personalized Name Painting Artist uses a leather brush creating birds, flowers, etc forming a persons name on a special cardboard.
Magicians Professionals from the Magic Castle...the best!
Airbrush or Henna Tattoos Select the design and enjoy the results.
Gold Foil Artist Black felt pen-sketch of the party guest on a framed gold foil.
Celebrity Photos Polaroid picture taken next to a celebrity photo board.
Sandy Candy Party guests pour flavored, edible granulated candy into a tube.
Airbrush on an item Select design/name on tee shirts, caps, towels, boxer shorts.
Mime Interacting with the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs guests with pantomime gestures.
Palmist, Card Reader A 5 minute positive reading.
Handwriting Analyst A 5 minute analysis of the character.
Video and Pinball Games Video Game entertainment- All set on free-play.
Time Chronicle Robot Printout of historical happenings on Bar / Bat Mitzvahs party guest's birthday.
Dog Tags and Hearts Name engraved on the dog tag including a chain.
Karaoke Singing Equipment and attendant included.
Money Booth Player collects as much money as possible in 20 seconds
DJ with Music An Assistant optional for games and mixers.
Wax Hand Mold An exact duplication is made of the hand.
Basketball Hoops Game A two player game with a 30-second time limit.
Silhouette Artist Artist cuts the profile of the Bar / Bat mitzvah guest from black paper
Wheel-Of-Fortune Bar / bat mitzvah party guests spin the wheel to win a prize.
Chocolate Lollipop Picture taken and placed on an edible chocolate lollipop.
Black Felt Artist Bar / Bat Mitzvah guest is sketched in pastel colors on a framed black felt.

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